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Tinnitus Handicap Inventory \"Killed them!Killed them!\"The neigh that the kid cannots help but any further shouted loudly, full is crary old grudge and despair on the very small face, tears crosscurrent, several near collapse. The Yan Xun is startled, immediately say with smile:\"My sky, you still Tinnitus Handicap Inventory really record enemy.\"

the moment from the fire city, I am afraid there are dozens of. About half a day before the full speed, Li Tianyu came from the fire outside the city. Saw this from the fire wall of the city, was a serious damage, near the building, but also become dilapidated, turned into a ruin. But Li Tianyu can be aware of today s fire from the city, there are still many of the strong flavor of all ethnic groups, obviously, from the fire city has not been occupied by the alien. Lifted the pace, Li Tianyu walked toward the fire from the city. who Li Tianyu set foot from the moment of the fire city, there is a figure piercing from the twinkling of an eye, they fell in front of him. This is a long red hair of the young people, is looking at him with alert eyes, as if at any time may be shot. Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu said to the young man. Li Tianyu The young man heard it was frowned, he should have never seen this person, obviously, the other is not from the fire city of the strong family. But soon, his eyes were suddenly open boss, with incredible eyes looked at Li Tianyu, lips trembling You are emperor Although he is not human family, but also heard that the people of the contemporary emperor has been born, called Li Tianyu. Moreover, a year ago, the emperor still in the Tang Dynasty imperial palace outside the preaching for three months, the matter almost spread throughout the prehistoric land, but also to all the people know the name of the emperor. it s me. Li Tianyu nodded. Please come with me. Get Li Tianyu s confirmation, the youth suddenly quite respectful line of a ceremony, Road. Although he is not Terran, but now all ethnic groups against the alien invasion, coupled with the emperor is the family of the royal family, the status of the equivalent of his phoenix ancestors, he naturally need to give each other enough respect. Subsequently, under the leadership of young people, Li Tianyu came to the hall where the high rise of the various places. See His Majesty. Mu Tao and several sage saints see Li Tianyu, quickly came, respectful line of a ceremony. See the emperor. Other saints of all ethnic groups, also stood up toward Li Tianyu slightly bend, salute Road. Emperor, I am a phoenix ancestor, thank you personally to support me from the fire city. Subsequently, a white hair old man toward Li Tianyu smiled, opening Road. Feng Zu, what is the situation now Li Tianyu nodded slightly, then asked toward the Phoenix ancestors. Now the situation is very optimistic, although all the families have a lar.the current Li Tianyu, is not a problem. At this point, I saw that fate compass, actually suddenly turned into a golden light, not into the Li Tianyu s eyebrows. This also means that, since then, God of War tower will no longer have the fate of compass, he can no longer through the fate of compass, access to any treasure resources. However, Li Tianyu at the moment of my mind, there is a very surging vast Tinnitus Handicap Inventory information, such as the explosion like surging from. Immortal law, but fit the practice of heaven and earth of the law, can not pass the general means of transmission, Tinnitus Handicap Inventory such as Cheats, engraved, icon and so on, it is impossible to record down the immortal law. Even the general gods how to get rid of tinnitus read the law, it is difficult to get its essence. This is why, Jing Luo will tell Li Tianyu, longevity tribe immortal law, only through the blood sacrifice to get heritage. Only as it is now, directly to the immortal law, passed into the mind, before they can get a complete heritage. Li Tianyu at the moment, only to feel their entire mind, are stuffed with things, as if at any time will burst to open. This information is too large, even if he is now the soul of the force, but also feel a bit unbearable, if for a breakthrough before he may, perhaps the twinkling of an eye, it may be this information rushed through the sea, the soul torn The Li Tianyu bitten his teeth, struggling to hold, let the kind of information as a stormy sea crazy impact on his mind. Boom However, the impact of this information is too intense, and as soon as his mouth came a busy hum, they completely lost consciousness, into a coma. However, although he was unconscious in the past, but still still continue to inheritance, saw his whole body, as if by a plume of gold light wrapped up. Just do not know when to go, he can completely complete the end, wake up. Fortunately, he is now in the ninth floor of the Tower of God, not only extremely safe, but also the time flow is five thousand times outside, but also do not have to worry about the blood will be missed the days of the soul. God of the tower of the ninth floor of the space, the time passed quickly. Day, two days, ten days one hundred days, two hundred Tinnitus Handicap Inventory days Five hundred days of time, soon passed. And this five hundred days, Li Tianyu has been unconscious, but also did not stop practicing. At this time his body, it seems more than a mysterious unknown power, this is not Yuan Li, nor is it Xian Li, but a higher level of unknown power. Li Tianyu hearing loss middle ear own guess, perhaps this powe., The ninth god of God Yao Chenochen, also have the ancient imperial territory of repair. And from their body exudes the breath of view, the strength is also far superior to the general ancient imperial environment. Coupled with his third son of the sword, the temple of the nine gods, be gathered here. King wind, he is your disciple At this point, that named Wen Ling cream middle aged woman, toward the King said. Yes, you just said to teach my disciples Eyes turned, Jingfeng indifferent watching Wen Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Ling cream, back Road. He made a statement to humiliate me in front of the moon, then I taught him, wrong Wen Ling cream once again open the road. However, her heart is unlucky fortunately just did not directly hands, otherwise, most likely for the palace caused great trouble. Ninety twenty nine chapter Ling Lan month respect Wen Ling cream did not think, Li Tianyu is not Tinnitus Handicap Inventory only the sword of the temple, actually the third son of God. Although the moon and the sword of the temple also have the relationship between the marriage, and even the previous generations of the sword of the temple of the Son of God, have married the goddess of the moon temple, if she shot a sword of the temple of the ordinary members, and even the core members, perhaps the last big , But if she killed the temple of the gods, I am afraid not so simple. Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Moreover, Li Tianyu or King of the disciples. I do not think Tinnitus Handicap Inventory that Tianyu is wrong, is he not telling the truth King wind smiled and replied. Hear the King of the wind, then Wenling cream and other people on the palace are face sank. Everyone is also look slightly slow, they did not think that King King not only did not blame Li Tianyu, but also agree with his words, it really has its division must have their disciples, what dare to say. King wind, I respect you is the temple of the elders Tinnitus Handicap Inventory of the temple, did not think you actually humiliate my palace, do you really think that my moon no one does not succeed Wen Ling cream cold view King wind, anger channel. Jian Shen Temple is strong, and even now there is a sword god sits, but her moon is not a good bully. Who dares to bury me if there is no one At this time, suddenly a cold drink from the void rolling came. Then, everyone will see a horror figure piercing, blink of an eye, they fell in front of Wen Ling cream. This is a glamorous young woman, even Sagong Yao and other appearance of the most outstanding few months Tinnitus Handicap Inventory of the palace goddess, in front of her, still seem eclipsed. I am afraid the presence of women, only Linger can pres.

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Bomb Long a drum ring, though the weather is like this cold, but the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory man of the high on the stage of distance is still red Tinnitus Handicap Inventory the arm works harder of the Lei rise war drum, the drum of Long Long orders good the underneath drill and come up from the real estate and explore into the person\'s spinal cord Xin son, man full head big sweat, wrap a red towel on the head, Be playing the drum and loudly threatenning.Together the voice of next people of Mu whole family Tinnitus Handicap Inventory hallooes, the everyone is dressed in deluxe soft AN of sea sand green skin, the waist fastens to inset golden belt, a group of persons stand together, the irradiation of the sunlight the bottom is unexpectedly an unspeakable sting eye, the wealth atmosphere is thick under, unavoidably have some nouveau riche of vulgar. Big summer emperor the dynasty chapter 011 Yan Xun son of treating tinnitus a feudal lord

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