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Tinnitus And Hearing Loss tinnitus and hearing loss \"3:7, \" Yan Xun says:\"Treating will take advantage o in disorder, you escort this kid to rush out to go and slice to hate to to send to she safe place, know?\"n, space, time Risk factors for tinnitus and so all the origin of power, actually all disappeared in an instant. If this is hit by Jinmang, I am afraid even if the half step to dominate, will be annihilated in an instant, completely disappeared between heaven and earth. This is the fate of the power, fate can change all rules, very terrible. Off. Faced with this horrible one, tinnitus and hearing loss Li Tianyu still look very calm standing there, then his mouth, slowly spit out a voice. Suddenly, that Road, Jinmang suddenly turned into nothingness, all around, but also instantly restore as ever, as if just everything, have never happened. What is this power Do you say that the emperor has come out of that step It should not be wrong, fate Heaven just said that the emperor also came to that step, did not expect, the king has even achieved the master of the position The bottom of the strong family, are the face of the shock of the color looked at Li Tianyu. To their repair and eyesight, naturally see, Li Tianyu is not hidden repair for the strength, but really into a ordinary mortal. Sky, are you all right Sagong Yao exposed eyes looked at the color of Li Tianyu, asked. Nothing, rest assured, even if the fate of tinnitus and hearing loss heaven, I can compete with him. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Li Tianyu heard the words, although everyone still feel puzzled, but they are also secretly relieved. Om At this time, accompanied by the space of the tremor, together exudes a terrible atmosphere of the figure, gradually gathered in the void. He finally appeared. Everyone mind Yi Chan, are gazing at the figure above the figure. Is this the fate of heaven Li Tianyu also slightly looked up to see that figure, which is wearing a black robe, majestic middle aged man. He can feel from the other side, a wave of terror fluctuations. Obviously, this fate heaven also set foot in the domination of the territory, but also the same domination of the territory, they control the power tinnitus and hearing loss is not the same. Are you the variable in the ancestor Fate of heaven eyes fell on Li Tianyu body, opening Road. it tinnitus and hearing loss s me. Li Tianyu nodded, he was the ancient words, but also from the ancestors and the ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance, naturally be regarded as the ancestors of the people. I did not expect that you went to this step. Fate days of eyebrows exposed Li Tianyu different colors, once again open the road. He naturally see, Li Tianyu and his same, has been tinnitus and hearing loss the master of the position. Paused, he went on If you knew that, when you first use the fate of the compass, I shou.

China commander is a little bit light ear problems tinnitus to nod:\"Now let\'s can go in?\" The \"nothing important, \" kid shook tinnitus and hearing loss to shake head and stretched out a jet black and small hand, lightly of Wu up just got the arm of whip son, noded to say:\"I remembered.\" Wagon Mao Lu, gradually go gradually and far, Chu Joe suddenly the intelligent tinnitus and hearing loss is one Ling , abrupt however uncover Lian son, every where hoped one eye, sank a voice to say:\"This isn\'t the road that returns to mansion, do you want to take me to go where?\"

Tinnitus And Hearing Loss showing a touch of light laugh, then actually turned into a half of the dragon s footer. Lianlong blood battles can copy Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, the hearts of illegal channels soon. In his view, no ability to control, should be copied, copy all the other means. But he did not expect, no linked dragon blood war body can copy, which means that he will lose a great advantage. Fortunately, he revealed that the cultivation is, is the great territory, so no phase will only use the strength of the great environment, otherwise, I am afraid he did not have any hope of winning. Now, his remaining advantage is the mixed road. Immediately, Li Tianyu took out the handle of the soldiers under the sword, direct sword cut to no phase. 890th chapter of the exchange of merit After the inheritance of God, Wang Ruoyi also know the true identity of the phase. No really is the existence of God, but he is not martial arts, or that he is tinnitus and hearing loss not Tinnitus Management Guide a true sense of the creatures. Tuo in the dying occasion, to create this tinnitus and hearing loss side of the independent small world, and not only left the heritage, but also a trace of their own souls, to stay in this side of heaven and earth. This silk soul mark, then turned into the front of this no phase, no flesh, no soul, and even the will of the residual soul are not really. From this can be seen, the strong territory of God, even a trace of soul brand, have such extraordinary ability. Now, the inheritance of people has emerged, my mission has finally completed. No phase toward Li Tianyu smiled and said Do you have anything to ask Predecessors, the world of heaven and earth, can evolve into a real world, it would mean that there are many worlds between heaven and earth Li Tianyu s eyes to see no phase, opening Road. Before he entered the underworld, the entry of the million demon tower world, all seem to be a real big world, not only heaven tinnitus and hearing loss and earth, mountains and rivers, there are creatures exist. This makes him could not help but secretly guess, perhaps in the whole world, not just the sky world, there are other large and small in all kinds of world. Moreover, between these worlds, there should be access to the channel, as long as the channel found, they can freely access to that side of the world. Of course, this is only his guess only, but although there is no trace of only a trace of soul mark, but it has a spiritual experience, may give him a positive answer. Indeed, after breaking into the gods, the heaven and earth will be transformed into a true world. No point nodded and sai.hackles. Li Tianyu came to the center of the universe in the body, with his mind a move, his whole body, actually instantly made countless stars, then even into each of the stars into. At the moment he, as if with the whole body of the universe together, every star on everything, he can easily control. One of the stars wrapped by flames, with his thoughts came out, then instantly turned into a cold ice stars. Another only the stars of the earth, with his thoughts came out, then turned into a only endless sea of stars A read out, countless stars born, another read out, countless stars destroyed. Many of them stars, with Li Tianyu an idea, they were born countless creatures, of which there are even family. Only a moment, those people will appear in a large number of saints, and moment, these saints will be the achievements of the tinnitus and hearing loss King of the King, even the half step to dominate, also appeared. The world of the heavens, I am the master. With a voice like a mass of the sound spread throughout the body of the universe, all the stars on the creatures, all creeping in the ground, toward the same direction worship. The next moment, a figure in the body of the universe slowly from the center of the cohesion. This is naturally Li Tianyu, but at this time he, who has not had any strong fluctuations in the atmosphere, and even even his flesh, but also with ordinary mortals in general. Yes, now Li Tianyu, in addition to his pair of deep, such as the vast sky of the eyes outside, everything else with ordinary people without any difference. However, even if he was only quietly standing there, everything around, but all in a quiescent state, even the time, also stopped the passage of time. It s time is over. Li Tianyu s mouth slowly spit out a faint voice, then his mind a tinnitus and hearing loss move, consciousness will return to the body. King, your cultivation Feng Zuomu Lu puzzled look at the color of Li Tianyu, asked. He suddenly found that he seems to completely see Li Tianyu repair to, or, in his eyes, at the moment of Li Tianyu, did not even any repair. Chapter 1014 The fate of heaven Hear the words of Fengzu, the other families of the strong, but also have to look to Li Tianyu eyes. Suddenly, everyone s eyes, all exposed the color of doubt. They already know that the strength of the emperor, and even has gone beyond half of the half step to dominate. Just with the alien race, was Li Tianyu beheaded half a step to dominate, there are as many as many. Therefore, many people secretly guess, Li Tianyu the emperor of the re.

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