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Test Hearing Loss ow a strong strength, to give all ethnic groups against the hope of alienation, for the next upcoming final battle to prepare. Worth mentioning, since the emperor you are so confident, then I will wait for life to accompany a gentleman back. Feng Zu s eyes staring at Li Tianyu moment, then heavy nodded his head, said. Well, then we will follow the emperor, Chuang Chuang that alien army. The saints of the other tribes also followed. Immediately, everyone did not delay, stature have quiver, disappeared in the hall From the fire outside the city of thousands of miles above a wilderness, all the crowded alien army, one by one wearing a black robe, the body around a ray of evil different black air around, eyes are all black. From the empty overlooking down, it is like a black ocean. Distant void, a line of dozens of figure, abruptly appear in that, naturally is Li Tianyu, Feng Zu and others. The number of aliens has even more than 100 million, and the sage level of the alien, even reached the number of two hundred. Feng Zu and others feel the alien army below, as much as two hundred saints breath, suddenly are face change. So horrible lineup, once the full attack from the fire city, test hearing loss they will not have any resistance to the power. Go and attack them directly. Li Tianyu toward Feng Zu and others said a cry, they immediately rushed toward the alien army in the past. Mu Tao and several other family saints, nor the slightest hesitation, followed by his back. Feng Zu and other saints are all looked at each other, this man is not crazy, so the situation actually attack the alien army The hundred and eighty chapters of the alien king However, just hesitated for a moment, Feng Zu and other dozens of saints of all ethnic groups, stature have also flicker out. Because they are also very clear, and now must not be returned to, otherwise, they will be ridiculed by all ethnic groups, not the first to retire, lost the saints face. Moreover, they also want to know, where the king came from the emboldened, dare so do not billions of alien army, or even two hundred saints in the eyes. We must be quick and quick to kill all these aliens as soon as possible, otherwise there will be more alien rush. Li Tianyu turned around toward the animal husbandry and others said. If only ordinary alien or alien saints, come even more, he also fearless, how many can kill how much. But if there is a divine level of the emergence of the king, even if he can get out, I am afraid that animal husbandry and other people s lives, but. \"Get, don\'t ask, I have no that spare time and take!\"

ng, even if the hole is still alive, it may not be able to withstand. Moreover, the hole test hearing loss tour can only be regarded as test hearing loss a living dead, combat power is far less than his lifetime. Li Tianyu did not leave his hand, directly cut out their full sword, although he did not turn into the dragon at this time the footer, but the sword of the power, but it is enough to beheaded the general Wuhuang early. Rumbling To carry the terrorist power of the attack, overwhelming toward the hole to kill away, instant, put his whole body engulfed. For a long time, the space to restore calm, all people looked cynical, suddenly, all the faces are a change, because they actually see, hole travel is still intact test hearing loss standing there. To know, even if the hole has a long period of repair, but also alive, it can not afford so many people attack, but will not be the slightest damage. Roar At this time, the mouth of the mouth of the mouth suddenly issued a roar, followed by his body will suddenly rushed out, extremely fast speed. A title Wu Sheng level of youth, has not yet react, then the hole was instantly swim through the palm of the mouth. Then, in the eyes of the crowd aghast, the young body of the flesh and blood, breathing room was swallowed swallowed, turned into a mummy. Escape Some people exclaimed, then everyone was scattered and fleeing. They simply kill the hole swim, but can be killed by the other side, and the death of the miserable, even flesh and blood test hearing loss have been swallowed up. However, at test hearing loss this time, I saw the hole to play What is tinnitus? a direct play, suddenly a huge black palm together from the condensate, then from heaven, fell directly on the crowd of people. what Accompanied by a screams came out, those who were instantly killed, and even a pre emperor of the emperor, also failed to escape, and their body, all have been swallowed flesh and blood, turned into a mummy. This terrible scene, so that everyone is the mind tremble endlessly, the speed of escape has once again raised a level. Even Li Tianyu, lost hearing in one ear at the moment is the mind tremble, into a living dead hole tour, much stronger than before life. Even if he now turned into the dragon of the footer, the outbreak of all the strength, I am afraid it may not be beheaded. Unless test hearing loss the use of Jurchen, or even test hearing loss God of God tower, otherwise, he can only and others, crazy escape. Regardless of the body or the God of God tower, a short period of time he can only use once, and the duration will not be very long, so less than the last moment, he will not easily use them. what Do not. Big summer emperor the dynasty chapter 011 Yan Xun son of a feudal lord Endlessly roll call finally be over, the breeze surging recklessly sweeps nine Yous and receive a Tian test hearing loss station at Gao Gao\'s stone set on, look down Jian to cut the Yan Xun of seat of host, sink a voice to say:\"Roll call to complete, ask Yan son of a feudal lord to check criminal!\"

Test Hearing Loss The kid\'s step is immediately test hearing loss some tiny Lengs, the moon consumedly hangs in the sky, the deadly pale circle is a large, will she the very small shadow project at the red wall on, unexpectedly seem to be that sort slender high, feel like is the shape that oneself in those yearses once was outstanding to pick Gao, the kid\'s look in the eyes had some to be fond of Mang, imperceptibly of stretched out a hand to go, approached at 1.1:00, finger tip but touched to run into one iciness.plant, it seems to be directly detained, so that it can no longer continue to escape. Hum Was imprisoned immortal Jinlian, violent trembling up, and even make the surrounding space, also with the distortion, it is a lot of cracks. The power of terror, from the immortal Jinlian reduced hearing in one ear blooming out, test hearing loss it seems to want to break away from Nie Yu s imprisonment. However, no matter how it struggles, can not escape the two test hearing loss gods of the imprisonment. Finally succeeded. Nie Yu face of the joy of the color, then control the gods, the immortal Jinlian sent to their own side. But at this time, that immortal Jinlian suddenly burst open, followed by a seemingly narrowed several times the lotus, drilled out of it, directly through the Shenmang, with a very fast speed, toward the Li Tianyu this violence Coming from. Is this the real immortal gold lotus Li Tianyu pupil a shrink, the hearts of secretly thought. See immortal Jinlian toward their own flight, he naturally will not be polite, directly raised his hand, and instantly caught it in the hands. Friends, this immortal Jinlian is my thing, please also give it back to me. Nie Yu stature slightly Yi Chan, directly to the front of Li Tianyu, brow slightly wrinkled, then toward Li Tianyu quite polite said. Back to you Li Tianyu indifferent smile, this guy just use the pupil to probe him, Ben let him extremely offensive. Moreover, although this immortal Jinlian is Nie Yu with pupil to find, but it does not mean already belong to each other. If you give it to me now, maybe we can be a friend. Nie Yu eyes slightly cold, then open again Road. If I do not pay Li Tianyu faint back. Then I ll kill you and take it yourself. Nie Yu s mouth slowly spit out a full of cold murderous words. Finished, he did not hesitate, a direct blow to Li Tianyu. Li Tianyu s mouth thrown a touch of sneer, then stature Yi Chan, with a punch toward the Nie Yu s fist. Boom Suddenly, the two fist will be fiercely hit together, burst out of the horror power, directly to the surrounding space completely broken broken. Violent extraordinary strength, toward the surrounding raging away, and even even under the Milky Way, also set off a wave. The next moment, I saw the face of Nie Yu changed, then his body was actually pondering over the fly away, a full fly out of the few feet, was able to hold back the stature. And Li Tianyu is still firmly stand in place, obviously, this punch, Li Tianyu win. Daoshi look down on you, the late imperial repairs, actually have such extraordinary strength. Raised his.

test hearing loss
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