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Stop Ringing In Ear nstrous, it is Stop Ringing in Ear difficult Stop Ringing in Ear to contend with the whole dragon. Dragon family of the people to commit suicide, is to want to pull the whole forest in one fell swoop, will not give them any chance, so Lin finished. In many places in the distance, there have been a lot of figure, they are from the major forces of the emperor strong, only to witness the collapse of Lin family. Which there are ancient, but also family, and even Yaozu, and all the body exudes the atmosphere are extremely weak, at least there are days of the territory of the repair. Today, the goal of my dragon is Lin, other unrelated people, if now immediately leave, we will not stop, nor will you hands, or even as long as Stop Ringing in Ear you leave now, you can get my friendship Dragon, the future if There is anything, as long as not too much, I will help him solve the Dragon. A dragon up to tens of thousands of feet of the dragon, eyes glance below everyone, opening Road. Hear the words of the dragon, everyone eyes micro condensate, many people s mind is emerging out of hesitation. Originally they thought that today s Dragon, has long been unable to compare with the past, these people together, even if they can not kill the Dragon, it will be Stop Ringing in Ear easy to resist the Dragon s violation. But now, they see the dragon s strong, but could not help but gave birth to the meaning of retreat. However, they have received a huge reward Lin, and even entered the Longchi hearing loss frequency practice, if so leave, will make people ridiculed. If you do not leave, I will kill the dragon. See everyone hesitated, then the dragon once again said. With his voice falling, an atmosphere of terror came. The ancient emperor peak. Everyone pupil a shrink, mind bitterly under the tremble. Feel the golden dragon who emit the ancient emperor peak atmosphere, everyone dare not have the slightest hesitation, are hurriedly lifted the pace, out of the Lin family camp. I quit. I also quit. I ll leave now At least ten thousand people, left the Lin family camp. However, the remaining thirty thousand people, but still face a firm color, since took the benefits of Lin, then they have to bloody forest in the end, even if the final death, they will not betray. You shameless Tinnitus Home Remedies guys, took the benefits of my forest, even fled. Lin Yaoguang face ugly looked toward those people said. We did have the benefits of your family, but it did not mean that we would die for you. A young man back. Yes, what are the things that are compared to our lives. Someone echoed. Chapter 918 The outbreak of war For many people betrayed. Once Zhao Che\'s tip of brow pick, cold hum a , the curved bow takes arrows, an arrows Shi that bumped to break view kinglet Ye of Sou.

a figure from the tripod furnace out. Everyone looked cynical, are can not help but slightly surprised a moment, this was actually a baby. But this baby s skin crystal through, who is shining with a touch of light, his body around, but also around a strands of rhyme rhyme. No, it is not a real baby, but a shaped immortality. Everyone eyes micro chatter, the hearts of illegal channels soon. At this moment, everyone s eyes are emerging from the frenzy of color, as far as they know, only pass in the holy Dan, can be shaped. Sheng Dan, as the name suggests, saints refining the immortality, which contains the power of heaven origin. If they can cook this saint Dan, even if not directly proof of sanctification, will certainly be able to set foot on the level of quasi holy. And Fang Qingxue, Ma Ling children of these Taiyi Jinxian, it is entirely able to use this saint Dan, directly to the big Luo Jinxian the environment. In any case, this sundana I have to get. At the moment everyone s mind, almost all emerge the same idea. Giggle At this time, the child of the savor, suspended in the air, the mouth constantly issued laughter. Grab. Without any hesitation, almost all of the stature are out at the same time, toward the holy child of the baby sprang. what Not yet close to saint Dan, the space will continue to sound screams. I saw those big Luo Jinxian, actually shot directly around the Taiyi Jinshan directly bombers killed. Even a few big Luo Jinxian between, but also crazy to fight up. In the past, when the crisis, they joined forces Stop Ringing in Ear against the enemy, and the face of this saint Dan, but without any hesitation of life and death. This is the nature of man, there is no permanent friend, there is no eternal enemy, only the eternal interests. Oh, ah Two familiar screams came, let Li Tianyu heart could not help but secretly shaking his head, these two screams from Ye Feixing and hate long days. The two men do not want to be too close to him before, so they fled with them. Later, I do not know is good luck, or see the immortal fairy lights, actually Stop Ringing in Ear came here. However, in front of the robbery can not be met when the holy Dan, but tragic death in a big Luo Jinxian hand. Sky, do not you want this saint Fang Qingxue asked Li Tianyu. It does not want to, but this saint seems eccentric, so take a Stop Ringing in Ear look at it again. Li Tianyu slightly shook his head, back. Fang Qingxue and Ma Linger heard also suppressed the hearts of the impulse, did not join the ranks of snatching. At this time, a big Luo Jin Wonderland yo.or several months of his practice, and even if lucky, can be completely modified to ascend to the mid angel. Paused, Zhu Ze toward Jing Luo asked King Luo adults, I do not know how to arrange them These dozens of beauty left, others, you will send them to the ancestral land, to be high ugly elders come back, together with the blood sacrifice. Jing Luo looked indifferent said. Boom Hear the words of King Luo, everyone s mind is a burst of buzzing. Blood sacrifice, it is clear that they should be as the blood of the souls of food They did not expect to follow Li Tianyu join the longevity tribe, will be the result. Many people secretly regret, if so early, they will, like those people, left alone. Although alone in this world battles. The same is full of danger, but at least live hope. The ninth hundred thirty nine chapters of the gods of the gods of the prestige With Li Tianyu s voice down, all people can not help but stunned in there, one by one looked at Li Tianyu stunned. Even personally experience the strength of Li Tianyu Zhu Ze, but also look at the idiot looking at Li Tianyu eyes. This guy is not crazy Dare to talk with adults like Jing Luo. Zhu Ze is Jing Luo control million troops in an ordinary squad leader, he naturally very clear, King Luo s strength is how terrible. In his view, even with the mysterious fairyland, Li Tianyu may not be Jing Luo s opponent, not to mention the strength of Stop Ringing in Ear Li Tianyu, up to the equivalent of the real cents early. Well, very well I do not know how long, no one dares to talk to me. King Luo very angry smile toward Li Tianyu said. However, although his face with a smile, but people feel a cold killer. How do you want to die Jing Luo s eyes look down at Li Tianyu, once again open the road. I do not want to die, and never die, but I can give you a choice, how do you want to die Li Tianyu indifferent smile, replied. I do not know what life and death, death. Li Tianyu heard the words, King Luo face sank, then anger shouted Road. His voice faded, there is a terrible breath swept out from him. The next moment, King Luo s stature will suddenly rushed out, an instant, it will appear in front of Li Tianyu. I saw him directly raised his hand, toward Li Tianyu palm shot. Seemingly cloudy light palm, but contains a terrible power of terror. Li Tianyu s whole body, as if by a terrible power enveloped up, or even completely unable to move. Xuanxian strength, it is far from what I can now compete. Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, the hearts of illegal channels soon Just wanted to leave, turned an of head see that horse body up of put several ten snow-white Ling feathers in arrows bag arrows, take out a , arrowhead silver white, a very small Yan word power of style male engraving of Hun is in the top.

Stop Ringing In Stop Ringing in Ear Ear , why even so Ao Yu look micro change, said. He thought that these people should be the bronze hall of the world s native people, but did not think, actually all with them, from the sky continent. You should see that we are not going to kill you. Black robe man opening Road. Are there any differences Ao Yu indifferent smile, Road. From the beginning of their entry into the bronze hall to the present, millions of people will die at least half of the rest of the majority, but also have been caught up the other side. There are natural, we are arrested for you, is to send you a good fortune. Black robe man grinned and said. Do you think I will believe Ao Yu laugh at a cry, replied. Believe it or not, but you will know that when I will be sent to you. Black robe man smiled and said If you can bring a mysterious go back, presumably my reward can at least be able to double. It s not easy to catch me. Ao Yu indifferent smile, Road. Try to know. Black robe man s eyes flashed a touch of sneer, toward the Ao Royal said. With his voice down, I saw his body directly into the Mirage, an instant, Stop Ringing in Ear they came to the front of Ao Yu. Not the slightest hesitation, black robe men directly hit a punch to Ao Yu. Ao Royal also raised his arm, full of a punch, toward the other side greeted. Boom Accompanied by a shaking loud noise, the two fist severely hit together. The next moment, the outbreak of the horror of power, will be all around to make nothing. Then, both of them are flying at the same time. Sure enough, it s a little skill. Black robe man wiped the blood of the mouth, said. His eyes reveal a thick fear of the color, with the mysterious Wonderland repair, he was able to feel, the other side of the strength seems to be on their own. The most important thing is that the other side of the flesh, it seems far beyond him. And your strength, but that s it. Ao Yu Moulu said the color of ridicule. Death. Black robe man face sank, cold shouted. Saw his body again out, toward the Ao Yu kill. Ao Yu did not hesitate, stature blink out, rushed toward the other side At this time of Li Tianyu and others, has been with the black body after the huge animal body, out of the local army surrounded. Everybody is okay. Li Tianyu turned his head and looked around the crowd. We re all fine. King wind against Li Tianyu chuckle, said. We are all fine. Ling Lan Yue also laughed back. Subsequently, those who follow Li Tianyu escape with the people, have also responded. Here is still not safe, we have to continue to escape, so as.e power of death, the achievements of the death of the Wuhuang, naturally let him see hope. After the break through the Wuhuang situation, the division of Wu Xiu, and more meticulous, such as the rule of the fire rule of the Emperor Wu, can also be called the flame of the emperor, and control the rules of the ice Emperor Wu, naturally also known as The king of ice And Li Tianyu control the law of death, it can also be called the death of the emperor, if he will actually control the future of death, set foot in the territory of God, then it can be called the god of death. Of course, Li Stop Ringing in Ear Tianyu a total understanding of the eleven rules, naturally will not only repair the death of this law, for him, the mixed kendo, is the real road. I am now with the strength, I am afraid even the top of the Wuhuang successful, I can with a war. Stood up, Li Tianyu muttered. The late imperial repairs, so that his strength at least improved hundreds of times, or even thousands of times. In the past, he has been able to defeat the mid Wu, and now, the top of the Wuhuang successful, he also have to grasp the contend, if the half of the dragon, or even directly beheaded, it is not impossible. It can be said that the breakthrough, for him, can be described as qualitative change. After all, before, although he can compete with the Emperor, or even beheaded Wuhuang, but after all, can not control the power of law, in some cases, will be a disadvantage. And now, Wu Huang Stop Ringing in Ear environment, to be able to threaten his people, have been unable to find a few, I am afraid even if the half step of the hearing nerve damage Emperor, want to kill him, it is not so easy. Most importantly, he seems to have found a way, in other laws also broke through the Wuhuang environment. It is looking like Bana this heaven and earth treasure, and then with the power of its implication, directly into the Wuhuang environment. Although this level of heaven and earth treasure, is not easy to get, but as long as there is hope, he will search. Hey you broke through At this time, suddenly a figure appeared in front Stop Ringing in Ear of Li Tianyu, impressively two days ago to leave the stars. And beside her, there is an old man. Li Tianyu look at the old man looks moments, can not help but eyes a condensate, the old man is the so called ferry people. It seems that the stars pity and old man know. Well, I ll paint all those banners. Eyes turned, Li Tianyu looked at the stars pity, nodded his head. If there is no star to help, he simply can not get so many Bana, naturally there will not be su.

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