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Sensorineural Hearing r, can be considered his sister. But he did not think that he left the past few years, Murong Wan actually had such a big change, not only has a Shura kill God of this title, will also repair to enhance the territory of the big Luo Jinxian, and even beheaded quasi holy. Means that even now he is not necessarily Murong Wan s opponent. As for the star of the pity, he certainly knew that when he entered the underworld to find Bana, is to get the help of the stars, and then even the legendary Yan Luo are extremely respectful of the stars, respect for her as the princess. Did not expect, Star Pui was really a princess, but also the Three Kingdoms era of the princess of heaven, and now is to achieve the level of quasi holy. The most surprising of him is that the stars will appear in the Tang Dynasty dynasty. However, this way, Li Tianyu mind is relieved, there Murong Wan and Star pity sits, he did not have to worry too much about the safety of their parents and other parents. Yes, why are you here Since the parents and other relatives know that there is no danger, Li Tianyu will not rush to go back, then once again toward the side of the snow and Ma Linger sensorineural hearing asked. A few months ago, it was how to live with tinnitus rumored that there will be ancient relics. Fang Qingxue whispered. What there are ancient monuments Heard this, Li Tianyu could not help eyes flashing, ancient holy, nature is the prehistoric era saints, since the prehistoric broken, they never had a mixed saints. He was in the holy city before the holy station, is the ancient holy Hong Xuan left the inheritance. Did not expect, and here actually met a ancient monument, it seems that the prehistoric land to reproduce, the opportunity is indeed a lot more than before. After all, according to Hongxuan, the end of the prehistoric, because of the emergence of black behind the scenes, resulting in the emergence of many of the prehistoric saints, although the last fall to all, but also left their own heritage. Since sensorineural hearing the encounter, Li Tianyu naturally will not miss, if the ancient monuments in the opportunity, his repair strength can be upgraded to a level. Then he turned his eyes, looked in the direction of the crowd looked, I saw not far from the front, with a huge stone wall, which is extremely smooth stone wall, the above is depicts a lot of ancient black lines. These lines seem sensorineural hearing to be some kind of ancient words. Li Tianyu eyes sensorineural hearing micro condensate, the hearts of illegal channels soon. To know that he has been the ancestors of the ancestors of the inheritance, but also.has broken the void, to another higher level of the world. Of course, these are rumors, the supreme demon demon, whether it really exists, no one knows. But most of the Yaozu, have chosen to believe that demon ancestors really exist, after all, there is such a strong upper sits, for all of them Yaozu, there is no harm, and even can deter other ethnic groups, so that they can not easily Violation of the demon domain. I hope this trip will be smooth. Void, Li Tianyu Yu Jian flight, murmured whisper. The soul of the wood, should be regarded as Feng Zu s treasure, he wanted to get, I am afraid it is not easy, unless he can come up with a immortal Jinlian, or with the soul of the soul of heaven and sensorineural hearing earth treasure, it is possible. Yaozu, it really is a fierce, aggressive group. Li Tianyu s eyes overlooking the bottom, I saw in the endless wilderness above, I do not know how many Yaozu in the battle, or even directly restore the body, crazy fight. Even as far away as this void, he can feel, the space came the violent fluctuations, and violent incomparable strength. This time to come to the demon domain, if not get the soul of wood, he will never leave, even a year, ten years, or even longer time, he will not give up unless he died. Of course, this is his worst plan, he believes that as long sensorineural hearing as their own go, must be in the shortest possible time to complete this goal. Heavenly City. A few days later, Li Tianyu came to a vast ancient city before. I saw this ancient city, than before he met all the human city to be much wider, just just the gate, is the high Baizhang. The city of those buildings, the same is extremely tall, towering. Is this the town of the Yaozu Li Tianyu muttered. Then lifted the pace, he walked toward the city. Into the days of the city, Li Tianyu more clearly feel that the ancient demon city, even from some buildings on top, he can feel a long, vicissitudes of the atmosphere, as if through the endless years of precipitation. Human, where I have really fine blood, do not you At this time, a burly figure, directly stopped Li Tianyu s way. Chapter eight hundred fifty eight chapter Fengwei Ling Li Tianyu slightly looked up and looked at sensorineural hearing the front conductive hearing test of this almost two high burly men. From the other body exudes a strong demon point of view, this is obviously a Yaozu, and should be the demon emperor. Emperor of the demon family, not only can be perfect into human form, and even can be the same as human, control the law. Moreover, because they have a strong ontology, so the strength sensorineural hearing of the s.

The finger of woman along the western line of map becomes overdo, \" all take second squad, the ambush is in locking a small way of river village and match with the activity that the summer keeps, in order to prevent the well-trained cavalry camp keeps the time of raid in summer and sends a soldier to increase to aid red nest bridge.Your task be, cut off the transportation line of of well-trained cavalry camp and northern prison when the northern side acts, try to drag along battalion a hour.\" The kid sinks a voice to say:\"Think.\"i, sentiment treatment of tinnitus of nature should also be the law of death. If the outside world, even if only a ray of dead gas, may also make a Wu Sheng, and even the sensorineural hearing emperor fall. And these underworld Wu Xiu, but take the initiative to learn dead gas, practice Ming Li. Death is extremely raw, life is extremely dead, does it Li Tianyu heart emerge out of a very weird idea, he felt himself seems to find the nature of this side of heaven and earth. Before the living dead, control swallowed the law and the law of death, devouring flesh and blood, reversal of life and death, if not everyone to kill together, I am afraid not long, you can really rebirth. In other words, he saw these creatures, most likely has been successfully reversed life and death of the dead. Perhaps he came to a dead world. The law of heaven and earth in this world also seems to be different from the outside. Li Tianyu aware of the law here, the law of death fluctuations in the most intense. Now he comprehend the law of death, naturally can be more clearly felt, heaven and earth between the mighty death of the power. Unfortunately, the law does not fall, otherwise, he is even sure in the shortest possible time, the law of death to comprehend to the level of success, the achievements of Wu Huang successful. This ancient city is very lively, between the pedestrians, one repair is not low, at least there are Wu Sheng, Wu Huang are almost everywhere. This makes Li Tianyu feel quite shocked, they are outside the people, only Wu Sheng can only enter here, and the underworld of the local sensorineural hearing creatures, there are Wuhuang territory of the existence, and even occasionally he can feel the breath of the emperor. Come and find outsiders. At this point, the crowd sensorineural hearing suddenly heard a scream, then everyone came toward the city outside the flashing away. Chapter 833 Chapter Bana Flower This scene, so that Li Tianyu eyes micro coagulation. Outside the people, apparently refers to those who enter these heaven and earth of these people. And he was not found, because he controlled the law of death, unless he showed a different power from the underworld, otherwise, these local people, almost impossible to see sensorineural hearing his origin. Lifted the pace, Li Tianyu followed the crowd toward the outside of the city. Soon he came to the gate again. I saw here sensorineural hearing has brought together a large number of underworld of the people, all at least have the Sage repair, most of them are the title Wu Sheng, and Wu Huang also have a lot. As for those outside people, are outside the gates, about hun.

Sensorineural Hearing \" Chu.\"Yan Xun Malaysia comes forward and turns a head to hope, the eyebrows lightly wrinkles up:\"What\'s the matter with you?\" The man opens a pair of eyes, pure clear one inside the eye, when the tomorrow is a various Ge to return a dynasty, didn\'t see for seven years, in former days of old friend, lead of O.K..

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