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Risk Factors For Tinnitus Cold breeze since the direction of Risk factors for tinnitus precipice wave mountain slowly blew, the Yan Xun raises head, is seen a feather to grow whole white small birds to go back and forth in the north wind, don\'t know is not drive the aroma attraction on his body, unexpectedly and the slightest don\'t fear of hover around in his top of head, rush toward Shuo wing, up and down turn over to fly, is a very curious about Zha Zha call. Relentless of the bow and Risk factors for tinnitus arrow moment project, the Mu He general arrows the method is precise, turned an eye to over a kid if the lieutenant general want to speak, the lieutenant general Risk factors for tinnitus shoots from the mouth cavity go into, bloodily from back of the head deeply!

crowd, are also exposed the shock of the color. I listen to the elders said, Penglai Island on the secret, not the general secret, but a fall after the ancient emperor left behind the world. At this time, the crowd suddenly opened a young man. Everyone heard that the eyes can not help but reveal a touch of scared, there are some people, cheeky happy color. Break into the territory of the Emperor, comprehend the way of heaven and earth, the body Yuan Dan broken, evolved within the world. It can be said that the heaven and earth is the foundation of the territory of Emperor Wu, if this secret is really an ancient empire left behind the death of heaven and earth, must be full of the crisis. Of course, the big crisis is often accompanied by a big opportunity. Li Tianyu heart finally relieved, the original secret is a place behind the ancient emperor left behind, no wonder here is full of silence of the gas. Boom Boom, boom At this time, the space suddenly heard waves of strange sound, as if the heart in general. This sound more and more loud, soon rang the whole world. Woo The next moment, the space came the same as the voice of the cries and cry, so that everyone felt palpitations endless. Look, what is that Suddenly, the crowd came out loud exclaimed, then everyone looked cynical. I saw Do you have tinnitus? in front of the distance, as Risk factors for tinnitus many high frequency hearing loss as the bones, rushed toward them. The bones of the whole body silver, eyes shining with two groups of red flame. Damn, all of the bones left behind by Emperor Wu, and even survived. Some people could not help but cursed a sentence. Everyone is also felt scalp tingling, looking ahead, at least hundreds of thousands of silver bones. In other words, at least hundreds of thousands of Wuhuang, died here, and do not know why, these Wu Wang bones actually live over. kill Everyone did not hesitate to rush toward the bones of the past. Nearly ten thousand letters Wu Sheng, and are the major forces of the genius of the strong, the strength is far from the general title Wu Sheng comparable. Although these Wuhuang bones are extremely hard, but after all, only the dead, the strength is also the equivalent of the general title Wu Sheng, naturally difficult to block their attack. Noble town demon. A Confucianism recite the song tactics, and instantly kill hundreds of Wuhuang bones. King Kong Buddha. A Buddha played a palm, suddenly, hundreds of Risk factors for tinnitus Risk factors for tinnitus Wuhuang Risk factors for tinnitus bones into jifen. Off A comprehend the knife of the knife repair, knife will kill hundreds of Wuhuang bones Although the. The lights in the cabin is bright to put out again, the whole green mountain hospital one is quiet Mi. \"Get, don\'t useless talk, pull up come, my having no time are blind to dawdle at here with you.\"

Risk Factors For Tinnitus The most important thing is that his mixed yuan Kenshin, and finally broke through to the bright environment. Kim Sum of mind, let him control of the chaos Kendo, but also to enhance a level. He did not resist the other side of the attack, is to try to understand the level of Kenshin Kouling Kendo, Granville to how exactly. The results naturally did not let him down to twelve successful law as a fundamental, cohesion mixed yuan sword Italy, easy to go to the horrible punch. Means that he is now the strength, has been enough to contend with the early days of heaven. The sword of the mixed element. Immediately, Li Tianyu sword cut out, suddenly a terrible Jian Qi together out. Scoff Accompanied by a light ring, I saw the day of the forehead of the Emperor, actually more than a blood hole. His eyes, full of dare not believe, and fear of death. The next moment, his body will fall to the ground, no life Sword, heavenly front stage, dead. See this scene, almost everyone s eyes, can not help but solidified in there. Chu Mu wind and Mu Feng are also in a strong shock, the mind tremble endlessly. They did The mechanisms of tinnitus not think, only Huang Xiu repair Li Tianyu, the strength would be so terrible, easily killed a heavenly pre existence. You know, this is the heavenly territory ah, how could such a fragile Emperor to Risk factors for tinnitus kill the Great, has been enough to make them shocked, and now Li Tianyu even killed a heavenly emperor. Gui Tian Tianjiao, really so strong Still, Li Tianyu has gone beyond Risk factors for tinnitus the Risk factors for tinnitus world of heaven I am afraid that only Li Tianyu himself to know why his strength will be so much as much as the twelve kinds of law to make full comprehend to the success, and mixed Yuan Jianxin also broke through the bright environment, so that he finally has the strength to compete with the Emperor The It seems that only those who kill the corpses Risk factors for tinnitus in Risk factors for tinnitus order to absorb their rhyme. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, he beheaded that day after the emperor strong, found that can not be the same as before, to absorb each other Risk factors for tinnitus s rhyme. Otherwise, the days of the territory of the rhyme, even if he can not break directly to the territory, I am afraid enough to make him at least a way to comprehend. Of course, to kill the Emperor of the early 1000 meritorious service, he naturally got it. Turned, Li Tianyu continue to rush to those corpses, but his goal is no longer confined to the great body of the body, those days of the territory of the body, he has already had enough to deal with. Holding the mysterious iron epee, his stature constantl. \"Yan Xun!\"

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