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Ringing Of Ears Treatment \"Your grandmother of!You miss painful dead Lao ringing of ears treatment Tze!\"

Cold frost covers with the whole true Huang city, the traffic lights of of elder hospital and prosperous gold temple all night not interest, flowing water sort in a hurry but lead.Huang department in the sky that the west advertises for encountered to have a history the most serious serious wound and injury, the flavor of blood drips but descends from Ganges ice water midstream of cloud Ji plateau and spread all over whole big summer emperor dynasty, keep the heart of arriving the empire.The mean people challenges the upper level nobilities of infuriating the empire, the authority of iron blood is queried and infringes upon, another war secretly hatches in the deep and low breather, but before this, have to someone for this ringing of ears treatment time failure pay the price of blood, which afraid, is just for the sake of the dignity of maintenance empire. \" Chu, we Yan north\'s being different from is all emperors here, father and son brothers sister the husband and wife can become an enemy, is all sarcastic remarks to plot secretly against everywhere, is all smoked cupidity heart everywhere, is an all putrefied song and dance and starve everywhere of common people.At our Yan north of in the land, few wars are disorderly, didn\'t flow a people, the everyones all edible satisfied, the slave can also keep on living according to own will.Chu, return to Yan with me north, over there, you can be better life and have me to protect you, the nobody can humiliate you any further, and the nobody can take arrows to point at you any further.I took you to go to fire thunder to hunt mustang at first, I took you back the mountain once saw my mother, she was a very gentle and soft person, and you would definitely like hers.\" \"Boon, \" Chu Joe the voice is a bit stuffy:\"We will definitely go.\"

Ringing Of Ears Treatment is one ringing of ears treatment of hundreds of millions of small world. Old man of these words, Li Tianyu completely shocked live. Even if he knew that the world was not only one world, there were many other worlds besides the earth and the world where the sky was, as in the underworld that he had entered. And even there are many Vatican territory of heaven and earth evolved from the world, ringing of ears treatment as far as he knows, once a Valkyrie death, its own inner world, it will completely collapse broken destruction. However, there is another possibility, that is evolved into a truly independent world. But he did not think ringing of ears treatment that heaven and earth as much ringing of ears treatment as three thousand world, hundreds of millions of small world, and countless world composition of the plane universe. Predecessors, does the reason why I will appear in the sky continent, but also for you Li Tianyu eyes will fall on the old man s body, again asked. I can only tell you, somewhere in the days how to stop tinnitus of their own, as for the other, you still do not know for the time being. Old man slightly shook his head and said. That predecessors cited me back, but also for what Li Tianyu asked ringing of ears treatment again. Because the time is running out, and your strength, but it is not enough, so I have to help you a job Caixing. The old man spoke back. Predecessors, my strength need to achieve what level Caixing Immortal Li Tianyu heard can not help but eyes micro condensate, then open Road. The fairy man is the man, and the immortal is immortal. The old man shook his head and said. What is the predecessors, what is immortal Immortal is what kind of existence Li Tianyu curious asked. These two questions, from entering the altar, they have been lingering in his heart. At first, he thought that the immortal should be above the Valkyrie, but after he easily defeated Arou, he found himself wrong. Immortal, and not ringing of ears treatment so strong, at least much worse than he imagined. Immortality is not a realm, but a race, which can be called an immortal. Old man pondered, slowly opening Fairy, with almost exactly the same appearance with the human, but the strength but I do not know how many times stronger, and even can say that the weakest fairy, can easily kill the most Strong. As for ringing of ears treatment the so called immortal, but a group of self deception of the poor fills Bale, although the strength of many powerful than the average human, but they are still human, the strength is far from the fairy compared. Li Tianyu heard the mind can not help but bitterly under the shock, the doctor recommended for tinnitus original, before his guess, actually all wrong. Immortal, not actually ma.e moment of Li Tianyu, but also feel the body of their own people luck, but also increased a lot, that gas Jinlong s body, but also a significant increase. You are free. Li Tianyu toward the ringing of ears treatment crowd chuckled, said Since the tribe has been destroyed, then we will now find a place to live, you may wish to go with me Willing to follow the emperor. Everyone should speak in unison. Subsequently, Li Tianyu will take millions of people to vacate away. They are the youngest of the pedestrians have the habit of Taiyi Xuanxian, even now the world has been integrated into the prehistoric land, the law, the road is more difficult to control than before, and even even the space, than the previous world tough many times , They are still able to do the Royal air flight. Li Tianyu s next goal is clear, that is, these people will be brought back to the Datang empire, so that they all into them. With the addition of millions of people, the strength of the Tang empire will be greatly improved, his father, mother and the people of the safety, but also get better protection. And then, he will walk the prehistoric land, the integration of all Terran, for the next may come down to prepare for the big crisis. Of course, at the same time, he will find the earth into ringing of ears treatment the land of the earth. But now, worldly changes, three thousand world, hundreds of millions of small world integration for the prehistoric land, a short period of time, he really hard ringing of ears treatment to find the place where the Datang Empire, can only rely on the location of the last three areas Of the memory, toward the approximate direction rush. As for the possible integration of the earth into the world, he is no more clue, only luck, as much as possible to find Six months later, Li Tianyu a ringing of ears treatment pedestrian, and finally arrived in his memory of the next three areas where the land. The road to them, they only have a feeling, that is, they came to a very strange world. Regardless of the environment or creatures, so that they feel very strange, such as the trees standing in the ancient trees between heaven and earth, each of the branches and leaves, are almost enveloped a radius of thousands of miles. Moreover, on top of these trees, there are many wooden buildings, the above is the life of many people have never seen the creatures. The creatures of these creatures are much smaller than humans, and they are born with a pair or a pair of transparent wings, but their appearance is no different from lost hearing in one ear that of mankind, and even more handsome than the average human being. Li Tia.

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