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Pseudo Tinnitus space, out of thin air a bit more color. Beautiful woman. Li Tianyu heart secretly praise, he met the beautiful woman and many, but can be compared with the front of this woman, but it is almost difficult to find one. Of course, Linger is still the most beautiful woman in his heart. Do you recognize me The woman winked at Li Tianyu and laughed. We know each other Li Tianyu puzzled look at the woman, although he also felt the woman s face some familiar, but he can be sure that he is the first time to see each other. Well, we know, but unless you recognize me, otherwise I will not tell you who I am. Woman toward Li Tianyu smiled and said. Li Tianyu heard could not help but slightly frowned, he racked his brains, but also can not think of, when he met each other. Can be said that he never forget the memory, even an ordinary person, as long as seen once, he will never pseudo tinnitus forget each other, not to mention such a pseudo tinnitus peerless beauty. Well, I can not think pseudo tinnitus of it first, I found a good thing here, I ll take you to see. At this time, the woman opened again. good stuff Li Tianyu eyes bright, then no hesitation, follow the woman walked forward. Chapter 8 43 Although Li Tianyu really can not remember, when they met such a beautiful woman, but he can feel, the woman is not any malicious. Otherwise, why the other side to help him scare off the hole tour, but also pseudo tinnitus said to take him to look good things Not to mention, since the woman can make the living hole into the hole tour scared to turn away, then there must be a very terrible strength, pseudo tinnitus if really want to him unfavorable, and why so much trouble. Soon, under the leadership of the woman, Li Tianyu came to an open space. Saw there, pseudo tinnitus actually had a whole body of red flowers, but no leaves, only pseudo tinnitus the roots and flowers. Even so, still can give a sense of a very beautiful. this is Li Tianyu eyes miniature, my heart bitterly under the tremor. Is it beautiful Woman toward Li Tianyu chuckle, opening Road. Yep. Li Tianyu nodded, however, he and the woman is different, he is not concerned about this beautiful, but pseudo tinnitus this flower should be the legendary Bana. So he did not think that there are dozens of Biaohua here. To know, according pseudo tinnitus to the underworld of the people said, Bana will be equivalent to the power of the law that contains the ear trauma hearing loss power of death. If he refining the Bana, not only can enhance the level of death rules, but also directly control the power of death law. It can be said that Bana is the only way to make him really break through to Wuhuang environment. Then there. \"Ah ah, doing not walk doesn\'t walk.\"The little childe is hurriedly small to run to her in front, open a pair of arms to block fore noodles quickly say:\"I with difficulty find out you and all stayed in this gardenned for a morning.So, you tell me pseudo tinnitus your name, is which yard inside, I seek various Ge the bosom want you come over, you return to with me, protect your hearing how?\"

These several days, brocade always the mind see that kid in the Jing house each time not and rather, feel an algidity that can not repress the arch comes up from the feet scaleboard.Tea rice doesn\'t think, pent-up feelings one has to give vent.Early in the morning today, the pseudo tinnitus weather is fine well, tidied up the accumulated snow in the courtyard, snowed people tidily work to start for a day. \"Bomb Long!\"The flash across, the winter days of Huang Huang, unexpectedly thundered billowing muffled thunder when one was huge to loudly ascend and all over the place flew snow wreaked havoc but danced along with the strong breeze, the youth slowly raised the war knife of loving the blood, and far away the direction receives Tian general and vomits a word chillily:\"Roll!\" \"Can\'t, \" Chu Joe says with a smile:\"You make me know that you worry about I, be still take me for friend, I present your feeling very much.\"

Pseudo Tinnitus The history in big summer, almost each word is cast into with tears of blood.The disposition of horde pseudo tinnitus makes the their relationship with land lead simple life, this also makes them compare with southern Bian Tang and the east bosom Sung on the types of hearing loss race problem to even have to some extent and permit combine the Xu have already permitted is greatly erudite carriage.For several a hundred years, summer person continuously of face west an emigrant, and the different clan Be miscellaneous to reside a conflict, national territory day by day the wide Mao , at present, have already exceeded to own more than 3,000 years, Bian Tang of history and the richest bosom for company Mao Sung unclearly and become a mainland first military big country. pseudo tinnitus \"This, this, the slaves will carefully order, make those beasts not fight the good dream of 16 Yes at the midnight.\"

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