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Objective Tinnitus The hall of various red mountain hospital in the Ge house inside, the various persons, such as Objective tinnitus Ge bosom and Zhao Che...etc. after hearing the little childe\'s words collectively smiles to spray, view kinglet although the Ye age is small, but is a ghost spirit, say with a smile:\"Various Ge, your house still has so skillful servant girl, I wanted and saw.\"the two phase as a smile, all in the words. Father, mother, Linger, Ms, are you now practicing man Li Tianyu asked a few people. Before you preach, we have comprehend, repair has also been greatly improved, the flesh is reached a very high level. Li Hao Yang smiled and said Although I and your mother can not directly evidence of sanctification, but the strength has been enough to be comparable to the top quasi holy, even if the future can not force the severe hearing loss law, but also in the immortal achievements of the yuan big Luo Jinxian , So evidenced. Li Tianyu nodded slightly to his eyes now, naturally can see that the father and mother of the repair, has reached the big Luo Jinxian later, and because of the practice of human law, the body is far more than the same order of the people, Can match the top of the quasi holy. I have tried to argue before, but in the end I have failed, so I chose the sanctification on the immortals and now have the strength of the top saints. Linger also open the road. Well, though, the strength of the saints, the strength of the saints will be much stronger than the general saints, but you also practice the law, even if the flesh is not as good as the saints, but also far from the ordinary saints comparable. Li Tianyu nodded with a smile, said. When he was created on Objective tinnitus the basis of the catalog of the god of war to create the strongest law, they passed to the parents, Linger, Murong Wan and others, to the time, will be able to let their strength, no less than the saints The Big Brother, I did not practice the law. At this time, Waner head down, whispered Road, it seems that some fear Li Tianyu scolded. Anyway, the reason why I preach, teach you the ancient law, is to let your strength be improved, if you have a better practice Objective tinnitus of the law, naturally there is no need to change the law. Li Tianyu smile, back Road. Before he will see, Murong Wan may have been the holy king of the heritage, and now more certainly be sure, the inheritance of Ms, must come from a top of the existence of the King. Means that, as long as Murong Wan enough time, she is entirely possible to set foot in the level of the Holy King, as to whether the master of achievement, we have to see her own good fortune. Yes, what can happen to the land of the prehistoric land Li Tianyu look to a few people, opening Road. The alien has been a complete invasion of the prehistoric land, if the Tang Dynasty dynasty if there are no children, Linger two saints sits, I am afraid that has long been occupied by the alien. Li Ha.

The 8-year-old kid protects in his body side, the double boxing grips, a small face is green white, have no blood-red color.The cold breeze is since then sad and shrill, blew about kid at present loose hair, she suddenly raised head, double eye relentless of the prosperous gold temple of the north of the facing hope to go, there, solemn Wei E, the dignified atmosphere was full of to line up mountain to pour sea of dignity and oppress.ly unfortunate. Many people are cheeky color, they did not expect, Li Tianyu return to the sword of the temple, turned Objective tinnitus out to help Objective tinnitus Lin family find helper. Although they have heard of the basic, the dragon came to the words, to exterminate the whole forest, and Lin s home owners in order to seek help, at the opening of the Longchi, but they are very unilateral hearing loss clear, in the Xianqi after the dragon s overall strength , At least a hundred times or even a thousand times stronger than before. However, although many people are reluctant to go, but they can not refuse, because Li Tianyu is the third son of God, they must listen to each other s orders, no one dare to violate. Big deal, went to Lin, do not take the initiative to fight with the Dragon. Many people in the hearts of illegal channels soon, they do not seek beheaded Dragon, only to save their lives can be. I know that you are a lot of people, the hearts are reluctant to go, but I can promise that you every beheaded with a repair their own quite a dragon, I will give you a fruit. Li Tianyu naturally know that you want to let these people really for his life, they must give enough reward Caixing. What Every beheaded and we repair a considerable dragon, you can get a fruit Everyone heard that the pupil is a shrink, eyes filled with incredible color. Dao Guo, by the Progressive Tinnitus Management for treatment of tinnitus evolution of the law of the transformation of flowers, contains a way that is the fundamental state of the Dili. If you can refining a fruit, they have a great possibility of direct promotion of their own way is the order, and even more control of a different way. This moment, regardless of the emperor or the emperor, will be hot eyes looked at Li Tianyu. Even the ancient emperor of Murong Hao, at the moment of the face, but also can not help but reveal the excitement of the color. How do we believe that you have enough fruit At this time, the crowd came a questioning sound. Everyone suddenly focused on Li Tianyu s body, yes, the fruit is the only imperial territory, unless beheaded each other, otherwise, simply can not get fruit. They have Objective tinnitus more than a thousand people here, even if everyone only beheaded a dragon, Objective tinnitus Li Tianyu also have to come up with more than a thousand fruit line. Dao Guo, I have more. Li Tianyu s face emerge a touch of light laugh, said. Then, his hand waved. The next moment, in front of him, one by one show fruit show, shining bright Huaguang, as the stars of the sky in general. God, how could there be so much fruit. At least tens of thousands of fruit, do not he destroy a.his tomb, Not necessarily the Qin Dynasty Team, a very burly young man, asked Professor Lin. It is very possible that the reason why this ancient tomb is Objective tinnitus also known as the ancient ruins, it is because his age is too long, but because of which excavated many of the cultural relics, was identified as the Qin Dynasty things, so it will be identified as Qin Toward the tomb. Professor Lin pondered, then open the road. I listen to an archaeologist saying that the tomb is even likely to exist for thousands of years, and even this tomb can be traced back to the gods. A small body of a young woman, also said. Wu Ling, Qian Jin, it seems that you both have done some preparation. Professor Lin saw a young man and a woman, opening Road. Fengshen era, is the Shang and Zhou dynasties, but also the era of immortal legend. Other people can not help but feel the color of Objective tinnitus the eyebrows excited, if only the tomb of the Qin Dynasty, they can find up to some of the Qin Dynasty cultural relics, but if it is the ancient relics of the era of God, then they may even come into contact with the legendary God gods. Of course, this tomb is really belongs to the gods, but also need them to explore. Gods Li Tianyu naturally clearly heard these words, if this tomb, really is the ancient relics of the era of God, then he came to this, will be harvested. Who are you, why have we followed us At this time, Li Susu suddenly turned his head, asked Li Tianyu drink. She had long found that this very handsome young man, has been with them, thought the other side is only curious, but now it seems that the other seems Objective tinnitus to have the same purpose with them. Heard there is a suspicion is the tomb of the ancient ruins of the Qin Dynasty, under the curiosity, they come to see. Li Tianyu smile, the next way. Curiosity to kill the cat, you d better stop there, otherwise, into the tomb, no one can protect you. Li Susu s eyes look to Li Tianyu, once again open the road. I do not need to be protected, it is better to let me walk with you, how can I protect you, how Li Tianyu smiled and said. You protect us Looks good, does not mean strength is strong, look at you a weak look, it is estimated that even I can not beat. Li Pu Su Objective tinnitus Bai under the Li Tianyu, said You do not follow us, if prompted Professor Lin unhappy, and ultimately to be scolded. Li Tianyu some silent shook his head, or the first time someone said he was weak. But his magic body, really not burly, Objective tinnitus coupled with fair skin, Objective tinnitus and his handsome face, really easy to give a feeling of a weak sch.

Objective Tinnitus A frailty of bang rings, voice not big, but be good enough to let inside the person listen to clearly.Zhu Shun Yang\'s voice says:\"Who in the outside?\"the integration of the Hong Xuan saints holy body and sentiment, can, even the prehistoric era of many ancient words, he can know one or two. However, this stone wall on the black text, but he did not know. I do not know why, his heart faint kind of ominous feeling, it seems that there is something terrible ancient ruins. To his current realm, coupled with the human family lucky body, give birth to such a feeling, must indicate what. It seems that this ancient monument, it should not only ancient St. heritage so simple. Of course, even if there is any crisis inside, he will not be afraid to his current strength, even if the face of St., although not with the contend, but the other side to kill him, not so easy. Hum At this time, the surrounding space suddenly tremble. Then, everyone will see that the black wall of the text on the wall, actually quickly turn up, and ultimately the whole stone wall, there has been a huge black whirlpool, as if to devour everything. The next moment, a wave of terror fluctuations, spread out from the black whirlpool. This black whirlpool should be the entrance to the ancient ruins, we go in. A large Luo Jin Wonderland middle aged man toward the crowd. Finished, his body will flash directly out, directly into the black whirlpool, disappeared. Everyone also did not hesitate, followed by walking into the black whirlpool. We are also in. Fang Qing snow toward Li Tianyu and Ma Ling Road, Li Tianyu and Ma Linger nodded, followed by three people also followed in the crowd, into the black whirlpool. People only feel the front of a black, but only a moment, then resume as usual. However, when they see the sight of the moment, but they can not help but slightly surprised a moment. I saw their front, is a black barren land, and even the whole world, but also seem extremely dark. Space, it is filled with a silence of the atmosphere. Everyone felt only, all around the endless trace of endless vicissitudes, as if through endless years. And in the crowd set foot in this space at the same time, an ancient palace, out of a Yao Yi different young man. His eyes looked Li Tianyu and others where the eyes of the eyes flashing the same color, muttered Finally someone came in, it seems, once again the amount of robbery, and finally to start. A full of dark Dong Fu, a body exudes a strong atmosphere of terror, suddenly opened his eyes and said This day, finally arrived. The eight hundred and eighty chapters of the demon bird attack In a mysterious restricted area of the world, a hu.

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