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Hissing In My Ears Is many protect a hospital to immediately be rattled of run up to left for, Zhu Cheng Zhou the eyebrow be looking at to lain prone ground the top goes hissing in my ears into spirit to give vent to anger more little horse, hissing in my ears don\'t take pleasure in of say:\"This is the best horse, I see you is don\'t put the order of four young masters in the mind.\" Is only wish the whole, also in time.

……. Momentary, the true Huang emperor all greatly disorderly breeze rises, each big noble family is one parties strain, utter darkness such as Mo of in the night view, surge of the undercurrent rapidly flow out under the decorous ice layer. Moment, listen to Mao of a , the light tunic slowly takes of the Yan Xun Shan body come forward and start to fly one feet and immediately kick ground Sung Lian of readily Huang Ya, let him have a people difficult speech.Various eyebrows of Ge is tiny to wrinkle up, become overdo, inclined eyes see toward the Yan Xun.

Hissing In My Ears into the eastern region of Zhangzhou, southern Jingzhou, Western Yuzhou, North Asia, the four major areas. And where they are now, is the southern domain hissing in my ears of Jingzhou. Southern Jingzhou a total of three thousand tribes, from their nearest tribe, is the longevity tribe. In the hundreds of tribes around, the longest tribe is the most powerful, the other tribes, every year need to tribute to the longevity tribe, in order to avoid the conquest of the tribe. Because of this, they enter the entrance here, will be controlled by the longevity tribe. In fact, into the fate of the hissing in my ears world s entrance, and not only bronze house this one. Zhuze told Li Tianyu and others, just in the southern Jingzhou, there are at least hundreds of entrances, connecting the major world and many small world. This is to say that not only the people of the sky can enter the world of life, there are many other world creatures, but also can and they, through the bronze hall with similar entrance, came to this world. Of which nearly a hundred of the entrance, have also been controlled by the longevity tribe. Those who pass through hissing in my ears these entrances into the world of destiny, will be captured by the longevity tribe, and most of them, the ultimate fate, is to become the blood of the souls. Only a few genius strong, will be allowed to join the longevity tribe, as one of them. All the people are unable to help secretly fortunate, but fortunately the longevity tribe did not send more angels, and even true immortals and mysterious cents, otherwise, even if Li Tianyu and the Black Emperor, and the mysterious fairyland Ao Royal, they are hissing in my ears completely unable to escape The The final hissing in my ears end, naturally become the blood of the souls of the food. I am afraid that only a few people Li Tianyu, to join the longevity tribe. About half an hour later, Li Tianyu, who finally saw a seat composed of ancient buildings tribe. Here is the longevity tribe, you go with me to see King Luo adults. Zhu Ze toward Li Tianyu and others said. What should you say, what should not say, presumably you should be clear Li Tianyu indifferent look Zhuze, opening Road. Do not worry, I will only tell hissing in my ears King Luo adults, you voluntarily join my longevity tribe, presumably with your qualifications and strength, King Luo adults will not refuse. Zhu Ze smiled and replied. In fact, he invited Li Tianyu and others to join the longevity tribe, in addition to want to survive, but also because if you can invite a real genius to join the longevity tribe, he can get the benefits, far more than., Li Tianyu eyes a condensate, the hearts of dark shock. He obviously underestimated the Taiyi hissing in my ears Xuanxian strong, just just the atmosphere, they pressed him unable to move, and even he doubted, even if he sacrificed the case of God, it may not be able to control each other. Fortunately, he made his hands to prepare, King Luo canonized God, even if they do not use the gods, but also have the hissing in my ears power to compete with each other. At this time, an surging atmosphere, from the King Luo bloom out of the body, instantly, then Cuikulaxiu will be like Liu Qingming breath back to pressure. Call People only feel the body of a loose, are can not help but deep breath, the heart is not help but give birth to a feeling of survivors. King Luo, you actually broke into the environment of the villain. Liu empty face looked shocked Jing Luo, some tinnitus symptoms dare not believe that said. Hear Liu empty words, everyone is also with incredible hissing in my ears eyes to see King Luo. Even even that a dozen mysterious Wonderland of the elders, are also all the eyes of the stun of the color of stunned. The four hundred forty eighth chapter of the soul of the world Although the more than a dozen mysterious Wonderland of the elders, and Jing Luo have been the same, has been Li Tianyu controlled by the gods, but they are only sealed by the gods of a ray of soul. And Jing Luo is different, he has now been Li Tianyu canonized fire department is God, with the power of heaven contains the power of God blessing. Not only when the gods, his repair directly to the Taiyi Xuanxian early, and Tinnitus can be continuous because of the blessing of God, his strength is far more than the same order of the people. Just from the Jing Luo body exudes the breath of the point of view, it seems to be able to easily suppress the same Taiyi Xuanxian early Liu empty Ming. Although they do not know, King Luo repair and strength why suddenly have such a big upgrade, but their hearts are guessing that this must have a great connection with Li Tianyu. Originally, they were Li Tianyu control, the heart is full of resentment, but fear of playing the whip hissing in my ears of the terrible Wei, so they had to listen to Li Tianyu speech. And now, their hearts suddenly felt that perhaps surrender Li Tianyu, for them, is not a bad thing, and even may be hissing in my ears their golden opportunity. Liu empty, you are longevity tribes of the elders, so, as long How common is tinnitus? as you are willing to stop the blood sacrifice ceremony, adults can spare you a life. Jing Luo s eyes look to Liu empty Ming, opening Road. Rao me a life Hear the words of King Luo, Liu empty Ming.

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