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Hearing Loss Sensorineural , Li Tianyu eyes a condensate, the hearts of dark shock. He obviously underestimated the Taiyi Xuanxian strong, just just the atmosphere, they pressed him unable to move, and even he doubted, even if he sacrificed the case of God, it may not be able to control each other. hearing loss sensorineural Fortunately, he made his hands to prepare, King Luo canonized God, even if they do not use the gods, but also have the power to compete with each other. At this time, an surging atmosphere, from the King Luo bloom out of the body, instantly, then Cuikulaxiu will be like Liu Qingming breath back to pressure. Call People only feel the body of a loose, are can not help but deep breath, the heart is not help but give birth to a feeling of mixed hearing loss survivors. King Luo, you actually hearing loss sensorineural broke into the environment of the villain. Liu empty face looked shocked Jing Luo, some dare not believe that said. Hear Liu empty words, everyone is also with incredible eyes to see King Luo. Even even that a dozen mysterious Wonderland of the elders, are also all the eyes of the stun of the color of stunned. The four hundred hearing loss sensorineural forty eighth chapter of the soul of the hearing loss sensorineural world Although the more than a dozen mysterious Wonderland of the elders, and Jing Luo have been the same, has been Li Tianyu controlled by the gods, but they are only sealed by the gods of a ray of soul. And Jing Luo is different, he has now been Li Tianyu canonized fire department is God, with the power of heaven contains the power of God blessing. Not only when the gods, his repair directly to the Taiyi Xuanxian early, and because of the blessing of hearing loss sensorineural God, his strength is far more than the same order of the people. Just from the Jing Luo body exudes the breath of the point of view, it seems to be able to easily suppress the same Taiyi Xuanxian early Liu empty Ming. Although they do not know, King Luo repair and strength why suddenly have such a big upgrade, but their hearts are guessing that this must have a great connection with How To Stop Ringing In The Ears Li Tianyu. Originally, they were Li Tianyu control, the heart is full of resentment, but fear of playing the whip of the terrible Wei, so they had to listen to Li Tianyu speech. And now, their hearts suddenly felt that perhaps surrender Li Tianyu, for them, is not a bad thing, and even may be their golden opportunity. Liu empty, you are longevity tribes of the elders, so, as long as you are willing to stop the blood sacrifice ceremony, adults can spare you a life. Jing Luo s eyes look to Liu hearing loss sensorineural empty Ming, opening Road. hearing loss sensorineural Rao me a life Hear the words of King Luo, Liu empty Ming. \"Four younger brothers!You hearing loss sensorineural stem what go to?\"The various Ge keeps in mind one Leng, sees the various Ge turn a head to walk and can not consider of this while ascending, hurriedly interrogative of call a way.

\"Yan the ground of the north hereditary cent king, Pei Luo big emperor the 24th generation!Empire the northwest troops and horses pair is handsome!The prosperous gold temple accepts light Zu temple 580th spirit tablet!The Yan is northern Wang Yan Shi from west in town city younger brother Zu Yan a life time Feng, the beginning of in April nine, Be cut to Yan north still carefully plateau!\" Various meaning of Ge is a little bit unidentified and light to nod, on waving hand, belong to next escort the Sung Lian that the mouthful bleed under go. Chu Joe ordered to nod, the pear flower took saying of rain:\"Thank each elder sister.\"

Hearing Loss Sensorineural Chu Joe slowly shuts eyes and is a person to work, have to do what the strength allows, current of she, haven\'t carried on the back such a big burden of real strenght.ky, toward the Li Tianyu bombers from. This palm, carrying a very terrible power, he has the confidence to completely kill each other. If the army killed Li Tianyu, Prince Edward died, the army of the Tang Dynasty empire, will morale crash, when, they can easily destroy them. Distant Xiangrong, eyes reveal hearing loss sensorineural a touch of sneer, said to himself At that time, I will be reached into the imperial palace of the Tang Dynasty, killing the Lee family, for my two brothers revenge. Mixed with a sword, cut. Li Tianyu stature Yi Chan, holding the mysterious iron epee, toward the broken army suddenly sword cut out. This sword, tinnitus he will be the strength of their own outbreak to the extreme, it can be said that the break is the strongest hearing loss sensorineural hearing loss sensorineural opponents he has encountered, at least before the break through the military, in the territory of Wu, no one can let him use all strength. The integration of the destruction of true meaning, the true meaning of thunder, Tai Chi true hearing loss sensorineural meaning, the space of the true fear of hearing loss sensorineural Jian Qi, among the void, condensed into a terrible huge sword shadow. The next moment, the sword directly toward the broken arm hit the huge palm thorn. this is Breaking the military face changed, he naturally can feel that this huge sword shadow contains terrible power. However, now want to escape is obviously too late, he can only bite the bullet hard to block the sword. Boom, bang Accompanied by a burst of shaking loud, Jian Ying and breaking the arm of the huge palm severely hit together, burst out of the power, actually directly around the space completely annihilated. For a long time, Jian Ying dissipated, the space slowly as usual. In the eyes of everyone shocked, the two re exposed stature. I saw Li Tianyu still standing in place, mysterious iron epee suspended in his body around, and breaking the military s body, and finally returned to normal, but his mouth, but there have been blood spill. Broken army lost. Xiang Rong face a change, incredible whisper. Below the millions of troops, the same is horrified, it is clear that this time the collision, breaking the military and lost. You re really strong. But I will not give up, I must kill you, I break the enemy, either kill me, or kill me, he said, staring at Li Tianyu. The same is the holy king of the perfect repair, he never lost to any one of the same order of the people, even Wuhuang environment, he also beheaded one, in any case, he must kill each other. Without any hesitation, breaking the body of the body once again out, and instantly appeare.

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