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Hearing Conservation \"Peach?\"miliating the ancestors. Although a drop of essence and blood, will not Tinnitus Talk Forum hurt the roots of the ancestors, but if you really do, will make the world smirk Dragon s incompetence, actually to survive, even the long ancestors need to pay the price of fine blood. Just if the ancestors did not appear, you are dead, actually dare so shouting, do you really think I can not kill you Li Tianyu cold as the dragon ancestors, mouth spit out a indifferent voice. shut up. At this time, Ao Royal also toward the young ancestors cold drink soon. Dragon ancestors, he actually want your fine blood, it is too much. Jinlong ancestors some grievances looked Ao Yu, said. A drop of fine blood only, what can be wronged. Ao Yu faintly said one, then look to Li Tianyu, hearing conservation smiled and said I promise you. Predecessors, arguably, to your strength, should not need me so Li Tianyu eyes exposed puzzled look Ao Yu, asked, hearing conservation Little friends, first to solve the matter, I will tell you alone, how Ao Yu chuckled, said. it is good. Li Tianyu nodded his head, then look to Lin Yaoguang, asked Dragon half of the resources, in exchange for both sides of the peace, feasible You can be the master. Lin Yaoguang back. Lin family, to have such a result, is already a great luck, he naturally will not have opinions. Dragon, the sky one of the most powerful ancient ethnic groups, with tens of millions of years of heritage, the accumulation of treasures resources, must be beyond imagination. Lin family if you can get half of the resources of the Dragon, I am afraid not long, you can develop into the top nine temple like forces. Moreover, the whole dragon will become Lin s guard, when, no one and power, hearing conservation and then dare to provoke them Lin family. Chapter 912 The Prehistoric World Originally, Li Tianyu really intend to exterminate the dragon, so that the future Lin family once again violated. Just the appearance of the Dragon Ao Yu, so he had to change the decision. Although he is not afraid of Ao Yu, but if the fighting up, he will be the other side to contain, to the time, the Dragon will be on the forest family hands, resulting in irreversible loss. Plus, Ao Yu let the whole dragon have become Lin s guard, can be considered a lot of forest protection. Moreover, the dragon hearing conservation half of the resources, far more than the price of Lin to pay the price. With these two points, Lin family will be hearing conservation able to develop rapidly, I am afraid not long, will be able to stand in the sky at hearing conservation the peak of the continent. As for a drop of Ao Royal s essence and blood, naturally he is.

ach other. Not to mention, even if he can beat or even beheaded Gou, he is now dare not rush past. Because once he appeared in the scope of the looting of the mine, they will be robbed of mine lock, when the robbery of mine power will once inner ear noise again soared several times, the final result, I am afraid they are three, directly robbed of mine For gray. Ang At this point, that giant pit suddenly came bursts of shaking Dragons, then everyone will see, a figure from the inside fly out. No, it is accurate to say that it is being fired. But also found that in his chest, actually appeared a big hole, although there is no blood out, but they still can see, phase Gou suffered a serious injury. No it is impossible how could he will have human qi luck Phase cross face extremely hearing conservation pale lying on the ground, the mouth intermittently issued a weak voice. Then, in the crowd shook the eyes, Li Tianyu s stature, from that giant pit slowly fly out. Although at this time his body, but also bloodstains, many places is a burnt black, but his look, but very calm, it seems not seriously injured. The most shocking is that at the top of his head, there is a huge dragon hanging in that. Air transport dragon. Everyone s eyes are solidified in there. They naturally know that there is air transport Jinlong means what, let alone or the human qi qun of the air transport Jinlong. Only the real emperor, it may have human family air transport, it can be said, as long as the Terran immortal, Li Tianyu will air transport body. At this moment, everyone looked to Li Tianyu s eyes, are more awe and surrender of Italy. In particular, that is a dozen by Li Tianyu control of the mysterious fairry elders, at the moment their hearts, but also no longer heart, completely surrender Li Tianyu. Emperor, uphold the will of heaven and earth, the real family of the emperor. To follow this existence, is their glory of the world. As for the wind from the sky, such as the mainland, naturally have long known that Li Tianyu has human family luck. I did not expect, people who hearing conservation gas transport, actually can help me resist robbery. Li Tianyu Moulu smile his own words. Just that road robbery of the power of mine, almost more than he can withstand the limit, and if the gas flow Jinlong together out of the road directly to the robbery robbery, I am afraid he is now likely to have been completely bombers. Looked up to the sky, feel the birth of the third heavy robbery issued by hearing conservation the atmosphere, Li Tianyu look again become dignified. That descends a full head of person fog water, he also sees that little slave to turn over a body to jump into room in person, having never thoughting the servant girl of this green mountain hospital unexpectedly will be familiar to know with her, a push away Huan son:\"You don\'t make a mess of to pretty tie up, all of them are servants to settle next send to the elderly gentleman\'s female Nu, you again many matters, also send together you.\" The prison building at the mid-night more and more of the Yin is cold, the Yan Xun depends by the side of the entrance to cave up, suddenly say:\"Wench stretches your hand to come over.\"

Hearing Conservation hearing conservation Yesterday have no more, recently really is favour, today offers up first a more, continue soon afterward.an, Fan Hao, Ao Heng three people, but also the origin of extraordinary, even if not the world is arrogant, but also little difference. Although Fengxi is Feng family goddess, it is the world Tianjiao, the strength of the crown of the times, but also can not cope with these three. Well, what do you know Feng Chime Lengheng soon, but her mind is also very clear, if the real war up, the presence of thousands of Phoenix family, it is difficult to compete for hundreds of foreign people. Unless they are the descendants of the Phoenix family, it is possible to repel these guys, but it is Most people with tinnitus have some degree of hearing loss obviously not possible, junior how to fight, are only among the junior slapstick, as long as not too serious, it is nothing. And if the elders shot, but it may lead to the real wars of both ethnic groups, after all, like Jin Han, Fan Hao, Ao Heng and others, are from the major ancient family, behind also have a lot of strength of the elders. If I can help you to resist these people, I do hearing conservation not know can give me a soul tree Li Tianyu did not care about the words, continue to speak. Your goal is to keep your feet. Side of the Fengxia, Moumou looked at different colors Li Tianyu, Road. She thought that hearing conservation Li Tianyu on the purpose of Fengqi Mountain, and Jinhan and others should be the same, but did not think, the other turned out to be directed at the soul of wood. However, in her view, although Li Tianyu s strength is very strong, but only the imperial environment of repair, even if there is a dragon war body, and never with the imperial environment to compete, not to mention or Jin Han, Fan Hao, Ao Heng this Genius strong I do not know what it is. There was nothing but contrived of any of the three guys, and you were a kingdom in the area, he said. Do not try, and how to know Moreover, whether or not I really can resist them, you do not have any loss. Li Tianyu laughed and said If hearing conservation I really do, you can help your Fengxi goddess siege, and you, just pay the price of a soul tree only. Hear the words of Li Tianyu, Fung Mo silence, if really move hands, there will be casualties, to the time, they are afraid to Fung family at the same time the face of many ancient family launched an attack. And the soul of wood, although precious, but countless years, Phoenix family also accumulated some, if you can really use a soul tree wood, in exchange for the stability of the entire Phoenix family, it is not impossible. But this human beings, although with the legendary dragon blood war body, but the repair is too low, the strength of Emper.

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