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Ear Disease Tinnitus The \"your power of memory\'s pouring is quite good, \" various Ge ordered to nod and said:\"So, ear disease tinnitus you will can\'t remember brocade brocade the candle incited me to kill to face to cherish, will can\'t remember is agreeable to all send your family to ear disease tinnitus other people, will can\'t remember that someone killed your sister?\" \"Put my younger sister!\"The strong breeze roars and shouts since then, Chu Joe is cold to drink a , harsh voice say:\"Otherwise and your elderly gentleman of various Ge house go to the hell of Yin Cao and meet!\"

\"What matter can you have?\"The young girl loudly calls way, just finished saying, the disillusion spoke while ascending reckless, hurriedly and carefully took the facial expression that the canthus Pie wore a man, saw his nothing important reaction, quickly said:\"You whether see a ear disease tinnitus Wei comfortable ear disease tinnitus to visit come just leave of, he just came back from the south, I didn\'t know that he would come as well, and you didn\'t living my spirit.\" Kill piggish ring out while yelling ear disease tinnitus to ascend, Chu Joe slowly walked to the women of before the body, bend the body cold say with a smile:\"Is still not quick to sue in court?\"Young girl however is 89 years old, up wore an Ou a rightness accidentally Shan, descend wear white Die and spread pure Long yarn skirt, waist Shu wear the belt of baby blue, hang the bulb of lily orchid of green and wear, hairdo of woman Gao Wan, ear border tassels, the chicken strenuous effort jade falls to on the between the eyebrows, D orchid eardrop, agate necklace, although is noble,the slightest don\'t expose the least bit tiresome feeling.The young girl is walking and taking off snow of outside cape Qiu , side\'s walking side is euphonic to clear and crisply say:\"The emperor ear disease tinnitus of the ear disease tinnitus father or lack of impartiality most to you, I just came over from the decayed hospital, coldly wanted to die there, you saw you this, snow still declined ground have been already turned.\"

Ear Disease Tinnitus The most important thing is that his mixed yuan Kenshin, and finally broke through to the bright environment. Kim Sum of mind, let him control of the chaos Kendo, but also to enhance a level. He did not resist the other side of the attack, is to try to understand the level of Kenshin Kouling Kendo, Granville to how exactly. The results naturally did not let him down to twelve successful law as a fundamental, cohesion mixed yuan sword Italy, easy to go to the horrible punch. Means that he is now the strength, has been enough to contend with the early days of heaven. The sword of the mixed element. Immediately, Li Tianyu sword cut out, suddenly a terrible Jian Qi together out. Scoff Accompanied by a light ring, I saw the day of the forehead of the Emperor, actually more than a blood hole. His eyes, full of dare not believe, and fear of death. The next moment, his body will fall to the ground, no life Sword, heavenly front stage, dead. See this scene, almost everyone s eyes, can not help but solidified in there. Chu Mu wind and Mu Feng are also in a strong shock, the mind tremble endlessly. They did not think, only Huang Xiu repair Li Tianyu, the strength would be so terrible, easily killed a heavenly pre existence. You know, this is the heavenly territory ah, how could such a fragile Emperor to kill the Great, has been enough to make them shocked, and now Li Tianyu even killed a heavenly emperor. Gui Tian Tianjiao, really so strong Still, Li Tianyu has gone beyond the world of heaven I am afraid that only Li Tianyu himself to know why his strength will be so much as much as the twelve kinds of law to make full comprehend to the success, and mixed Yuan Jianxin also broke through the bright environment, so that he finally has the strength to compete with the Emperor The It seems that only those who kill the corpses in order to absorb their rhyme. Li Tianyu heart secretly heard, he beheaded that day after the emperor strong, found that can not be the same as before, to absorb each other s rhyme. Otherwise, the days of the territory of the rhyme, even if he ear disease tinnitus can not break directly to the territory, I am afraid enough to make him at least a way to comprehend. Of course, to kill the Emperor of the early subjective tinnitus 1000 meritorious service, he naturally got it. Turned, Treatment for tinnitus and ringing in ears Li Tianyu continue to rush to those corpses, but his goal is no longer confined to the great body of the body, those days of the territory of the body, he has already had enough to deal with. Holding the mysterious iron epee, his stature constantl.nment I do not know how much, if you have any changes, and instantly will be killed. Woman Lengheng soon, Road. So, what are ear disease tinnitus you worried about Li Tianyu did not care to smile, said. Well, I can promise you, but you can not mention it again. Woman pondered, then open the road. Yes. Li Tianyu nodded. Immediately, under the leadership of the woman, a line of three people toward the Fengqi mountain gallop away. On the road, Li Tianyu and the woman in a simple conversation that the woman named Fengxia, indeed from the Fengqi mountain, although not the real Phoenix Bird, but it has the Phoenix blood, is the Phoenix family of foreign people. Although Li Tianyu know Fengqi Mountain where the place, but if there is no Fengxia lead, he simply can not set foot Fengqi Mountain. Not only because Feng family exclusion of foreigners, but also because Feng Qi Shan ear disease tinnitus belongs to the ancestors of the Phoenix family, non Phoenix family, not allowed, must not easily set foot, otherwise, ear disease tinnitus will be regarded as provocation of the whole family. How can there be so many Yaozu rushed to Fengqi Mountain Void, Li Tianyu suddenly found that there are a large number of Yaozu, gathered toward the fengqi mountains away. Fengxia, can you know what s going on Eyes turned, Li Tianyu asked Feng Xia asked. Is not it clear that there is an accident Feng Xia show Meicu, looked solemnly said, then her speed suddenly accelerated a bit. Li Tianyu and Yuan Hui naturally also accelerated the speed of flight, followed by Fengxia. About two hours flying, three people came to the Fengqi mountain. Feng Qi Shan, Phoenix ancestral land, from afar, as a Phoenix Bird, sitting in there. And in their front, has long brought together a large number of Yaozu, which even have a lot of Terran and Guling. No matter which family of people, who are emitting a very extraordinary atmosphere, and even the existence of Dili, there are many. Especially the front of the few young people, who exudes a terrible atmosphere, I am afraid that the general is not the general. In the opposite of this pedestrian, there is also a ear disease tinnitus pedestrian with their hold, all bearing extraordinary, obviously also ear disease tinnitus have a very strong strength. Fung Mo, I have come all the way to come to Fengqi mountain, you have us at the foot of the mountain, Phoenix family is so hospitality At this point, wearing a golden robe, wearing a golden crown of the youth, looked indifferent opening Road. Feng Qi Shan is my ancestor of the Phoenix family, will not allow Home Cure for Tinnitus outsiders free access. Another pedestrian.

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