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Ear Deafness Treatment \"Release.\"The kid is depressed wrinkly eyebrow, foot slightly and slightly on moving, good pain, eyebrows immediately and wrinkly and more and more of tight. However, like this quiet day, but change happened after meeting Zhao Song.This at the beginning only little emperor\'s son of good luck of the both sides one eye recognized to frequently play joke on his/her own various Ge mansion small servant girl, but very kind and Prevention involves avoiding loud noise justice of don\'t speak, also when imperial house\'s the nobilitieses collectively fall the well bottom stone, secretly and silently help Yan 2 Chus, help them difficult situation for passing through time and time again.

he gods of heaven and earth, to his current strength, completely unable to compete. This meteorite valley, really have the spirit of heritage Li Tianyu look to Mu Feng, asked. Well, I have been here for more than 100 years, this is the first time to come to the meteorite valley, from some of the older generation of mouth, I have heard a lot of information, it is said that meteorite valley, is this wasteland battlefield The core area is the center of the battlefield. Mu Feng pondered, said In the inside, even if there is no inheritance of God, there must be the ancient imperial territory of the inheritance, because at least the fall of hundreds of ancient imperial territory. Falling the existence of hundreds of ancient empires Li Tianyu heard the mind can not help but suddenly Yi Chan. To know that the ancient emperor, is already under the territory of the strongest existence of God, even the fall of hundreds, we can see the outbreak of the war here, what is the tragic. Of course, it is a good thing for them to come to find the opportunity, because it allows them to get the ancient emperor inheritance probability, to enhance a lot. God is coming. At this time, Mu Feng Li Tianyu suddenly whispered. Li Tianyu looked up and saw the entrance in the meteorite valley, there was a man wearing a black cloak, middle aged look, his face seems to have ear deafness treatment no expression. He can not see through the other side of the repair, is clearly the presence of heaven. Come in with me. God made a cry toward the crowd, then turned into the meteorite valley. Everyone did not hesitate to follow the gods behind, toward the meteorite valley to go. Come on, we are in. Mu Feng toward Li Tianyu said a cry. Li Tianyu nodded, since it came, that naturally will not recede, no matter what the front to wait for their own, he must break into a break. Lift the pace, the two follow in the crowd, but also into the meteorite valley. Set foot meteorite valley of the moment, Li Tianyu will feel that the surrounding space, it seems full of endless barren atmosphere, almost no trace of aura or Yaoqi. This means that he can not practice here, and Yuan Li consumption, can only be added with yuan. Coupled with his body s strength and blood, all the time gone, I am afraid if the long time here, even if not killed by others, they will be consumed dead. About to go for an hour before, all the people will follow the gods, came to a very vast open space. From now on, you are nearly a thousand people, all belong to me, I called Liang Ze, you can call. \"Is the Yan son of a feudal lord treatment of tinnitus to still have, time hasn\'t arrived, who\'s the winner, still don\'t be able to know.\"mply can not match the existence. As for the quasi St., it is the strongest in the big Luo Jinxian existence, regardless of repair or strength, have reached the limit of Jin Wonderland, only half a step away from the sage environment. It can be said that quasi lack of just a sanctification of the machine, if you can, will be able to direct evidence of sanctification. Even if the prehistoric reappearance, really will appear sanctified machine, he simply can not compete with these powerful. This is the reason why you go with me, but unfortunately, my strength now, even you are not as easy to compete for the so called sanctification of the machine. Li Tianyu look to Mo Ke, opening Road. You have a group of people luck, if with you, you can follow the trend, get the hope of the holy machine will be much larger. Mo Ke smiled ear deafness treatment and said. ear deafness treatment Heard this, Li Tianyu surprised to see Mo Ke one, but he did not think, Mo Ke to go with their own reasons, was actually because of his body of luck. What can you know of sanctification Li Tianyu asked Mo Ke. I do not know, but it is said that the sanctification of the machine is limited, on behalf of the limited number ear deafness treatment of saints, so if you want to reproduce after the prehistoric, won the holy machine, we need to enhance the repair for the strength of the job. Mo Ke slightly shook his head, replied You have people who gas in the body, if you can make good use of, can be reproduced in the prehistoric before the repair will be promoted to Taiyi Jinxian, and even the big Luo Jinxian ear deafness treatment the environment. As far as I know, there is a holy temple in the holy city, rumors that a former sage left, if someone can set foot on this holy station, you can get the sage of the inheritance. At that time, you may be able to ascend to the sanctuary, and it may not be possible to get the sage. Holy Road Li Tianyu eyes flashing, saints, heaven and earth between the strongest, if you can get its heritage, even if not directly proof of sanctification, will certainly be ear deafness treatment able to take many ways. They no longer delay, rushed toward the holy city at ear deafness treatment full speed. Ten days later, the two finally arrived in the holy city. Looking at the eyes of this vast majestic ancient giant city, Li Tianyu heart is also could not help but secretly sigh, did not expect, in this ear deafness treatment next day peak, there will be such a vast ancient city. The holy city of the big, even far beyond an empire, looked up, simply do not see the marginal. Li Tianyu and Mo Ke into the holy city, they walked directly toward the holy station. Three.

Ear Deafness Treatment oreover, although he still has not set foot ear deafness treatment on the level of domination, but his strength now, I am afraid that has reached the ultimate level of the Holy Spirit, only half a step away from the domination of the border. Although this half step, perhaps life can not set foot, but he believes that their lack of only one opportunity, and this opportunity may need to wait until the fate of heaven really appear when it may appear. Stood up, Li Tianyu still still looking at the practice of Li Hao Yang, Lin Xueyao, Linger, Murong Wan a few people, see them not the slightest strange, they directly left the God of War tower. His stature slightly Yi Chan, it appeared in the Datang palace above the void, God read through the body, and instantly enveloped the radius of hundreds of thousands of miles of the region. He found that now the saints of all ethnic groups, more than ten times more than before, even the holy king has hundreds of. However, the number of alien, it is living with tinnitus more than before ear deafness treatment do not know how much, as the ear deafness treatment alien sage and alien king, it is even more than all ethnic groups. It is precisely because of this, although the family together to resist alien violations, but still retreat, casualties are extremely heavy. Now the whole territory of the prehistoric, at least Jiucheng area, has fallen into the hands of alien. And all the families can only retreat in the Tang Dynasty as the center ear deafness treatment of the East Sheng Shenzhou, and all the saints and saints of all ethnic groups, all sits the front of the battlefield to prevent the alien army suddenly attack, killing the surviving families Strong. Li Tianyu s appearance, but also to the stronger of all ethnic groups are more emboldened, especially the survival of the Terran strong, the emperor is their backbone. Ten days later, the strong sense of all the families feel the whole world seems to tremble up, and as time goes by, the tremor is more and more intense. And in their heads above the void, it is the emergence of a huge black whirlpool, a strands of evil and evil terrible black gas, from the whirlpool in the ear deafness treatment pouring down. Can you see what is in this whirlpool Feng Zu looked solemnly toward Li Tianyu asked. It seems that he will be completely awake. Li Tianyu eyes micro condensate, opening Road. This day, finally came. Destiny Heaven awakening means that the final decisive battle between the two sides is about to begin, if defeated, all ethnic groups will be slaughtered, become the fate of heaven to dominate the territory of a sub power. Is he awake Feng Zu. The youth sits chair once up, the head didn\'t also lift, an appearance that would not like to see her very much, flicked to wave hand to say:\"Next go to.\"

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